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AIDECAST was founded by Steve Ortiz with the idea of providing a platform where clients in need of quality home care services can easily connect with and hire experienced caregivers, nurses and homemakers.  Our mission is simple, bridge the gap between clients in need of care and caregivers available to work.  Our goal is to help caregivers earn wages they deserve, work closer to home, and the help caregivers connect with clients they will love to care for.

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The concept that helped develop AIDECAST was the lack of ability or resources that allowed clients that were able to and wanted to manage their own home care services, to easily find and connect with caregivers available to work. 


AIDECAST not only allows caregivers, nurses and homemakers to create profiles for private paying clients in need of care to browse and select to hire from, we also allow home care agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities also join to hire or post jobs they are trying to fill.  

In addition, we offer affordable recruitment services to assist private paying clients or agencies in need hiring candidates for hard to service areas.  We are able to offer recruitment services because most of our team members have a background in recruitment and staffing.

Through our mobile app, clients are able to connect with caregivers available for on-demand care and related services.  The on-demand services available through the AIDECAST Mobile App is ideal for clients in need of temporary, last minute care or assistance in their homes.  

While AIDECAST has proven to be successful at pairing caregivers with private paying clients in need of care, medical facilities and home care agencies are also able to benefit from our platform by posting home care jobs on our platform to recruit home health aides ready to work.  

We believe that when you think of AIDECAST, you think of Caregivers When You Need Them.

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