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Business Meeting

Consultation Services

Take your home care agency to the next level with consultation services designed to enhance the experience for your clients, field and admin staff. 

Sourcing Referrals

We will introduce effective methods and strategies for sourcing and acquiring client referrals your intake or business development team can practice for increasing client census.

Working With CHHA's & MLTC's

Learn best practices for successfully working with CHHA's and MLTC's that will help your agency develop business relationships that convert to receiving unattached client referrals.

Recruitment of Personnel

Learn how to successfully source, recruit, and hire the right personnel for your agency.  All job seekers are not alike.  Let's discuss how to find employees that want to work for you.

Preparing For Growth

Every agency wants to gain clients and grow, but is your home care agency ready for the growth?  Shockingly, many are not.  Let's discuss how to prepare your agency for growth.

Retaining Employees

We know operating a home care agency is difficult, especially if your employees are constantly quitting.  Learn how to build trust within your organization and retain employees.

Building A Solid Online Presence

Shockingly, in todays digital world, many home care agencies make very little effort to create and maintain a solid online presence for developing leads.  We will teach you how.

Becoming The Go-To Agency

Becoming the go-to home care agency is a dream most home care owners have had at least once.  We want to make that dream a reality.  Learn what matters to clients and employees that will help your agency be desirable in your community.

Client Retention

Learn effective strategies top performing home care agencies use for acquire and retaining your clients and maintain a steady trajectory for growth.  

Staffing & Managing Services

Learn how to develop efficient staffing coordination departments and teams for your home care agency capable of successfully staffing cases and managing services for your clients.

Quality Home Care Experience

The difference between your home care agency and your competitor is the experience your clients have.  Learn how to best understand your clients to ensure quality experience.

Cross-Training For Success

When your office is short-staffed for unexpected reasons, are you able to function as if you were fully staffed?  Don't wait to find out.  Learn about the importance of cross-training staff.

In-Bound Marketing Practices

Most agencies of simple practices anyone can do to develop new leads and clients through in-bound marketing practices.  Let's discuss in-bound marketing to convert leads.

Marketing Online For Free!

If you love blowing money on marketing and advertising online, this is not for you.  However, if you would love to learn how to connect with your clients online for free, this is for you.

Consistency In Care & Service 

Consistency in care and service can only be accomplished when your entire team is onboard with your mission and goals.  Let's discuss steps your agency can take to help your entire team understand and consistently deliver great care and service.

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