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We understand the pressure that comes with discussing your home care needs with various Private Duty Home Care agencies.  Many just want to know the cost for receiving home care services before they make a decision.  That is why we share out our service fees with all potential customers with no obligation to join our agency as a client or even speak with any of our representatives unless you want to.  

Our service rates cover the wages of all aides assigned to care for our clients and service fees for managing the services for our clients.  That means, that you never have to worry about you not having an aide available to provide care in the event of an emergency where your caregiver cannot work for reason, or having to worry about paying for overtime, payroll and taxes required to be paid to the IRS by employees and employers. 


Our service fees also cover liability costs, as all caregivers assigned to care for a client are insured by our $1Million/ $3Million insurance policies so you know you'll be in good hands.  But we didn't stop there.  We also conduct thorough criminal and employment background checks to confirm the caregivers we hire do not have any criminal background and have experience caring for elderly and disabled individuals.  

But of course, we couldn't stop there.  In addition to all that we listed above, before any caregiver is placed on any assignment, they must complete and pass training to become Dementia Certified and receive Caregiving Essential training which covers a long list of training sessions including caring for clients that suffer from Alzheimer's Disease.

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