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Caregiving Support: How To Hire A Certified Home Health Aide For The Non-Elderly Client

Updated: Feb 7

How to hire a certified home health aide or caregiver

There is a misconception that Certified Home Health Aides and Caregivers are reserved for older adults or elderly clients that can do little for themselves in their homes. But the reality is that Certified Home Health Aides are trained to assist anyone in need of care and assistance. Home Care Agencies hire and train HHA's to assist clients of all ages, including pediatrics and young adults that suffer with a range of disabilities, whether it be short term or long term disabilities. Most clients in need of home care services must have Medicaid or private insurance to receive services from a home care agency. There is also the option to pay out of pocket for care, but that can be very expensive for most people as you are often required to pay premium rates for agencies to manage the care, schedules and payroll, and often require a minimum amount of hours per day / week to qualify.

Individuals that recently suffered an injury and required surgery benefit greatly from caregiving support provided by Certified Home Health Aides. But what happens if the individual does not have Medicaid or is unable to afford the hefty fees associated with Private Pay Home Care Agencies? How do you hire a caregiver?

It used to be that when you needed assistance in your home with caregiving, one would simply ask friends and family for support, but asking a friend or family member to assist with caregiving was very difficult to accomplish simply because people in general are often too busy with their own lives. Some people have tried posting a caregiving request on Craigslist, a job board commonly used for domestic gigs, but posting a request for caregiving assistance on Craigslist often meant receiving many responses from individuals that are either inexperienced, lacking the skills and experience needed by the client, or unreliable individuals that never show up for an assignment. Unfortunately, Craigslist has also been plagued for many years by scam artists and posts from individuals soliciting inappropriate services.

To solve this problem, AIDECAST has launched a Home Care Marketplace where individuals in need of care or assistance in their home care find a local service provide and hire on-demand. Service Providers on AIDECAST offer affordable services including Caregiving by Certified Home Health Aides, Domestic Support such as House Cleaning, Laundry Services, Grocery Shopping, Meal Preparation, Dog Walking, Massage Therapy, and so much more to come.

Hiring a service provider through the AIDECAST Marketplace, clients are able to control who they hire based on skills and experience caregivers have, which is viewable on the service provider's profile. Clients also have control of how many hours and rate they pay. Hourly rates, availability, location, skills, and experience are all visible on a service provider's profile. Many also include photos so that you can see who they so that you can see who will be arriving to your home.

Clients never have to worry about surprise or hidden fees when hiring a service provider. When a client requests the services of a provider, they are able to see the total amount due at check out. Clients also do not have to worry about having to pay a service provider by check or cash. The AIDECAST Marketplace automatically processes direct payment from the client to the service provider at the of a successfully completed assignment.

So who is the AIDECAST Marketplace ideal for and how can you best use our services?

  • Individuals that recently had surgery

  • Individuals that need help decluttering their home

  • Individuals that have mobility difficulties

  • Individuals that need caregiving support for elderly parents

  • Older adults that need overnight or live-in care

  • Older adults living with Dementia

  • Older adults that live alone and need assistance on daily/ weekly basis

AIDECAST is dedicated to enhancing the home care experience for all clients by bridging clients in need of care with quality care providers in their community. Visit the AIDECAST Marketplace to hire a Certified Home Health Aide today.

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